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Pushing the limits of writing


Each new solution we develop pushes the limits of writing technology and elevates industry standards. By innovating and refining unique product lines, our developments continuously transform today's writing market.


Featured in all uni-ball pens and most prominently the SIGNO series, Super Ink™ is an archival-quality pigment ink that offers extraordinary levels of water, chemical, and light resistance. In comparison to standard washable inks, uni-ball’s acid-free Super Ink™ stands the test of time by embedding itself into the fibers of paper – making the ink permanent. Due to larger particles, Super Ink’s™ unique pigmentation creates more legible writing that lasts a lifetime.

Perfect for writing checks or signing important documents, our patented Super Ink™ is ideal for anything that needs to stay put.


Utilizing uni-ball’s unique twin-ball mechanism, the JETSTREAM pens ensure constant ink flow without skipping, blurring, or excessive flowing. As ink passes through the tip of the pen, the viscosity is reduced by the twin-ball mechanism to enable smooth writing. When the ink touches paper, it returns to its original viscosity to prevent feathering and bleeding. Down to the last drop, our innovative twin-ball mechanism guarantees high-performance writing without messy leaks.


The KURU TOGA is a mechanical pencil that utilizes a rotating lead engine to ensure the lead tip always stays sharp and precise. With typical mechanical pencils, lead gets worn down on one side while writing, resulting in a slanted edge. The KURU TOGA solves this problem with its core rotation mechanism. Using three gears, the lead is twisted through a spring-loaded clutch that turns the lead incrementally every time the pencil is lifted. This allows the lead to be worn down uniformly, resulting in a consistently pointed tip.


Utilized in the SIGNO 307, cellulose nanofibers are a next-generation, plant-derived material currently being developed for use in various industries. uni-ball has pioneered the world’s first practical application of this fiber material with technologies for dispersing ultrafine particle pigments and evenly mixing extremely thin cellulose nanofibers into ink.

The result is a sustainable material that achieves the ultimate smooth, skip-free writing experience while securing the most important documents.


Typical ballpoint pens rely on gravity to dispense ink, rendering them incapable of writing at upward angles. To tackle this problem, the POWER TANK features a clever pressurized refill, allowing it to write in extreme conditions – on wet paper, horizontally, upside-down, and in temperatures as low as -20°C. The POWER TANK functions by compressing air inside of the cartridge, creating a uniform pressurized flow, making it the perfect tool in the field.


The uni-ball AIR is perfect for anyone craving bold, effortless writing. The secret lies in the cushioned tip, which is surrounded by soft plastic instead of metal. This creates less friction with the page, allowing the pen to write at virtually any angle. Designed for responsiveness to personal writing styles, the AIR’s™ cushion tip allows for dynamic line widths to suit varying writing pressures.

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