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uni-ball professional essentials are crafted with comfort and your busy schedule in mind — making the work day run that much smoother.

Made For You

Crafted for You

uni-ball professional essentials are crafted to make the work day run that much smoother. Fast drying ink helps get your ideas down clearly and smoothly without fear of smudging. Comfortable grips create an enjoyable writing experience and a pen you will not want to put down. uni Super Ink PLUS+ delivers super enhanced smoothness, drying speed and line intensity, while also protecting from water, fading & fraud.


Vision Elite

Express your signature style with the sleek modern design and elite performance of uni-ball's Vision Elite Rollerball pen - no matter the altitude. Rich ink flows evenly from the bend-resistant stainless steel tip, while the tungsten carbide rollerball creates smooth, skip-free lines.

Features innovative uni Super Ink™ that protects against water, fading & fraud.

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Uni-Flow Ink System

Uni-Flow Ink System ensures a consistent, delightfully fluid writing experience.

Elite Performance

Capped rollerball pens deliver smooth, intense lines with unparalleled definition - useful for note taking, list making, and signing checks and legal documents.

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