SIGNO 207 Impact RT

The SIGNO 207 Impact™ RT gel pen offers bold lines with a sleek and modern design featuring an innovative auto-retracting tip.

Product Description

The SIGNO 207 Impact RT features a smooth rubber grip that provides superior comfort and control. Formulated for consistently-smooth ink flow, the 207™ ensures that every word is brilliantly communicated. The tip automatically retracts when the pen is clipped to protect yoru clothing from accidental stains. Whether in the office or at home, the 207™ is the perfect pen for everyday writing.


  • Innovative auto-retracting tip.
  • Bold lines and sleek design with a metallic sheen for a modern look.
  • Features innovative Super Ink™ that protects against water, fading, and fraud.
Point Sizes
1 mm
Ink Colors

Distinctly Modern Style

The SIGNO 207 Impact RT is designed to stand out from the rest by featuring an innovative auto-retractable tip that withdraws into the barrel as you clip it to any surface. With a modern barrel design, the 207™ features sleek, metallic accents for an elegant appearance. A pleasure to hold, the uni-ball SIGNO 207 Impact RT is perfect for students and professionals who spend a lot of their day writing.

Archival-Quality Super Ink™

Featuring innovative Super Ink™ technology, the SIGNO 207 Impact RT has archival-quality pigment ink that offers extraordinary levels of water, chemical, and light resistance. In comparison to standard washable inks, the acid-free Super Ink™ stands the test of time by embedding itself into the fibers of paper–making the ink permanent. Perfect for writing checks or signing important documents, Super Ink™ is ideal for anything that needs to stay put.