Roller Grip

A true classic, the uni-ball Roller Grip™ rollerball pen offers a premium texturized, extra-large soft grip for superior, all-day writing comfort.

uni-ball Roller Grip pen

Product Description

Featuring an attractive, matte black finish, stainless steel point, and a strong metal clip, the uni-ball Roller Grip is as stylish as it is reliable and durable. The soft, cushioned grip offers supreme comfort for your fingers while the dimpled texture allows for better traction and control. Crafted with a soft, metallic sheen for a contemporary, stylish look, the Roller Grip is a rollerball that you can rely on.


  • Smooth, even flow of vivid ink.
  • Soft cushioned grip for superior comfort and control.
  • Features innovative Super Ink™ that protects against water, fading, and fraud.
Point Sizes
.5 mm
.7 mm
Ink Colors

Uniquely Designed

The uni-ball Roller Grip is designed to stand out from the pack by featuring a modern and professional barrel design with a comfortable textured grip. With its slim shape and contemporary design, the business-focused design is a pleasure to hold. Ideal for business and technical writing, the uni-ball Roller Grip is perfect for professionals who spend a lot of their day writing.

Archival-Quality Super Ink™

Featuring innovative Super Ink™ technology, the uni-ball Roller Grip has archival-quality pigment ink that offers extraordinary levels of water, chemical, and light resistance. In comparison to standard washable inks, the acid-free Super Ink™ stands the test of time by embedding itself into the fibers of paper–making the ink permanent. Perfect for writing checks or signing important documents, Super Ink™ is ideal for anything that needs to stay put.