The JETSTREAM Premier is a ballpoint pen with an advanced comfort grip that provides a smooth, luxurious, and high-quality writing experience.

Product Description

Achieve new levels of writing comfort with the uni-ball JETSTREAM Premier. The advanced writing grip is responsive to your touch for optimum control and comfort. Regardless of writing pressure and speed, the Premier writes smoothly with low resistance, dispensing crisp, vivid lines. The Premier also features an innovative air-click mechanism for soft touch retraction.


  • Advanced, responsive grip offers a new level of writing comfort
  • Innovative air-click mechanism for soft touch retraction
  • Features innovative Super Ink™ that protects against water, fading, and fraud.
Point Sizes
1 mm
Ink Colors

Maximum Control and Comfort

The uni-ball JETSTREAM Premier provides a smooth, luxurious, and high-quality writing experience. Its sleek metallic finish provides an unparalleled statement of style, while the responsive active grip provides maximum control and comfort while writing. The clicker design is modern and stays in place even when the pen tip is extended–so it doesn’t rattle around. With the JETSTREAM Premier, you can write comfortably using the pen’s contoured and ribbed grip to fully enjoy the bold lines and jet-black ink.

Twin-Ball Mechanism

Utilizing uni-ball’s unique twin-ball mechanism, the JETSTREAM Premier ensures constant ink flow without skipping, blurring, or excessive flowing. As ink passes through the tip of the pen, the viscosity is reduced by the twin-ball mechanism to enable smooth writing. When the ink touches paper, it returns to its original viscosity to prevent feathering and bleeding. Down to the last drop, the innovative twin-ball mechanism guarantees high-performance writing without messy leaks.