Crafted from a unique hybrid formula, the JETSTREAM™ RT BLX takes classic black ink and infuses it with vibrant colors, so every line is vivid and distinctive.

Product Description

Infuse your classic black ink with vibrant hints of color. The uni-ball JETSTREAM RT BLX provides unparalleled smoothness and control. With a convenient retractable tip, embossed grip, and stainless steel accents, the JETSTREAM RT BLX is sleek, modern and reliable.


  • Distinctive, vibrant ballpoint pens combine rich black ink with a vivid infusion of color.
  • Quick-drying ink helps minimize smudging, ideal for left-handers.
  • Features innovative Super Ink™ that protects against water, fading, and fraud.
Point Sizes
1 mm
Ink Colors

The Most Reliable Pen

Captivate the room and make a distinct impression with rich, professional colors. Utilizing an innovative hybrid-ink system unique to the uni-ball JETSTREAM collection, the JETSTREAM RT BLX writes with the smoothness of gel ink and the quick-drying properties of a ballpoint pen. Bold, smooth, left-hand friendly, and filled with industry-leading Super Ink™, the JETSTREAM RT BLX adds style to one of the most-favored go-to pens.

Twin-Ball Mechanism

Utilizing uni-ball’s unique twin-ball mechanism, the JETSTREAM RT BLX ensures constant ink flow without skipping, blurring, or excessive flowing. As ink passes through the tip of the pen, the viscosity is reduced by the twin-ball mechanism to enable smooth writing. When the ink touches paper, it returns to its original viscosity to prevent feathering and bleeding. Down to the last drop, the innovative twin-ball mechanism guarantees high-performance writing without messy leaks.