World's first consumer application of high-tech Nano Fiber Ink. Superior smoothness, drying speed, and line intensity. Write or draw effortlessly — even on glossy paper. Textured grip. uni Super-Ink™ PLUS+ technology protects against water, fading & fraud.

Product Description

The 307 features a modern, checkered design at the top of the barrel. The tip glides with no railroading, blobbing, or skipping, for superior writing experience. With an ergonomic rubberized grip, the 307™ is easy to hold in the hand even during long writing sessions.


  • Enjoy vivid, bold lines without skipping or blobbing even on glossy paper.
  • Ergonomic, textured rubberized grip provides a comfortable and controlled writing experience.
  • Features innovative Super Ink™ that protects against water, fade, and fraud.
Point Sizes
.5 mm
.7 mm
Ink Colors

Smooth Skip-Free Writing Experience

Cellulose nanofibers give the acid-free ink a perfectly smooth skip-free writing experience with 50% less viscosity than conventional ballpoint pens. That means it’s hard to blur even in fast writing and prevents excess ink flow. Step into the future of rollerball pens and enjoy smooth, permanent writing with the 307 gel pen.

Archival-Quality Super Ink™

Uni-ball’s innovative Super Ink™ technology is the world’s first practical application of cellulose nanofibers. Cellulose nanofibers are a next-generation plant-derived material being developed for uses in various industries. Used as a thickening agent in the pens, it increases the smoothness of ink so that the pens remain skip-free even when you write fast.