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Kuru Toga Advance Pencil & Color Lead Set

Mechanical Pencils
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Reveal your creativity in captivating detail with the self-sharpening Kuru Toga Advance mechanical pencil and 0.5mm color lead set.

  • Set includes:
    • 4 Kuru Toga Advance mechanical pencils - black, blue, red and white barrels
    • 2 20ct 0.5mm color lead refills - blue, green, lavender, mint blue, orange, pink and red


Kuru Toga Advance Mechanical Pencil

  • Self-sharpening mechanical pencil automatically rotates the lead every 20 strokes (twice as fast as other Kuru Toga pencils!)
  • Delivers crisp, vivid lines every time with its extra-durable diamond infused lead
  • Easily correct mistakes with a replaceable eraser


uni NanoDia Color Erasable Lead

  • 20ct 0.5mm assorted color Nano Diamond lead refills
  • Extra durable diamond-infused lead is stronger than standard lead, delivering strikingly dark marks
  • Includes 7 colors (blue, green, lavender, mint blue, orange, pink and red)

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