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The KURU TOGA DIVE mechanical pencil was designed with the theme of "immersed in writing", and its name "DIVE" reflects the immersive experience it provides. This remarkable writing instrument has been newly developed using our proprietary patented technology, making it the world's first pencil with an automatic extension amount adjustment function.


With this revolutionary feature, there is no need to click the pencil before or during writing, freeing you from the distracting noise that disrupts your writing flow. You can adjust the amount of lead that is extended during writing in five precise steps, allowing you to customize the writing feel to your preference and create a seamless and uninterrupted writing experience.


Despite being a mechanical pencil, the KURU TOGA DIVE features a cap type design. When the cap is removed, the lead automatically extends, allowing you to start writing immediately without any interruptions. The special magnetic cap creates an addictively satisfying experience, as it produces a satisfying "snap" sound when closing.


The KURU TOGA DIVE mechanical pencil is a masterpiece of writing technology, offering a luxurious and innovative writing experience that will immerse you in the art of writing.


  • No need to "knock" or click while writing. The lead is drawn out automatically
  • Equipped with the world's first automatic feed amount adjustment mechanism
  • When the cap is removed, the core automatically extends and you can start writing immediately
  • Multi-faceted barrel design for a comfortable hold
  • Rubberized grip
  • 0.5mm smudge-proof lead
  • Eraser included

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